Open Archives Initiative

基本上,我對 Open Archives Initiative 的內容並不太清楚,但我知道這應該是一個 proposing 未來處理文件、儲存資訊和 implement online repoitory 的架構, and it’s “OPEN(i like the word)", so it can’t be wrong.

OAI mission: The Open Archives Initiative develops and promotes interoperability standards that aim to facilitate the efficient dissemination of content. 我找上 OAI 是因為對 MIT 的 DSpace 有興趣(我用了一段期間)。當然了,DSpace 的服務族群主要是以他們校內的教員和研究人員為主。我能做的,只是好好觀察他們這個平台的發展歷史,順便當個 evangelist, 將相關資訊作中文化的動作。

OAI 架構下有一個 Open Language Archives ,台灣的中研院腳步快,早已採取他們的架構。

好的,那我既非 institution, 那要如何 implement 相關的 archives, 甚至是落實到個人的知識管理層面上呢?我們看到 的 FAQ 當中,有一段是這樣子寫的:

Who should self-archive?

The Budapest Open Access Initiative is focussed specifically on the refereed research literature, across all disciplines. It is the authors of these articles who should self-archive them, in order to maximize the visibility, accessibility, uptake and impact of their work. The self-archiving itself, however, though rapid and simple, can be done by “proxy," by digital archivers in the researcher’s institution or its library . It can also be done in bulk, by (free) software (under development).

Why should one self-archive?

In order to maximize the visibility and accessibility of one’s research, and hence the usage and impact of one’s work.

So you see, it’s even down to the personal aspect.

我目前想把 Futures Studies 的相關書籍(3000+)資料和摩托文學(500+) 分別建檔,但我一直找不到一個比較好的呈現方式。看過Koha,但是它的 target implementation 是在圖書館的系統,沒辦法個人化。試過一堆的CMS package(postnuke, xoops, mambo siteserver, envolution, tikiwiki…), 都不是很滿意。Blog 系統除了 Drupal 外,其他可能都不適合作 personal archives 系統。

So probably OAI is the way. 今天給創辦人的 presentation 作的還不錯。台下的學生/同學蠻捧場的,會後還特別鼓勵我。明年可能會跟高等教育研究中心、未來學研究中心、教育科技系和圖書館來一個 joint research(有funds, but I doubt). 我在想,我可以把自己 position 在什麼樣的地方,作出什麼樣的貢獻。Well you know, I may have the vision, but I do not hold the position. =D

Anyway, 努力再努力,免得三十歲只剩一張嘴。

# 想到一本書

Who Owns Academic Work: Battling for Control of Intellectual Property
by Corynne McSherry

Hardcover: 275 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.99 x 9.57 x 6.42
Publisher: Harvard Univ Pr; ISBN: 0674006291; (November 2001)

Open Archives Initiative 有 “ 2 則迴響 ”

  1. 剛看到, 是根據 Budapest Open Access Initiative(by Open Society Institute)起草建立的。結果 OSI 竟然是 hosted 在 George Soros(索羅斯) Foundation 之下。Hmm…very interesting.


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