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February 2003

Linux Uprising?

三月份 Business Week 的特刊報告”Linux Uprising.” 頗為有趣的封面。

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Discussion Group 的專利權

Amazon 的創辦人兼執行長 Jeff Bezos 竟然可以向 USPTO 申請到 Discussion Group 的專利權,這實在是令人啼笑皆非。局裡員工顯然是自外於網路世界太久了。

United States Patent 365513: A method and system for conducting an electronic discussion relating to a topic.

Inventors: Bezos; Jeffrey P. (Seattle, WA)
Assignee:, Inc. (Seattle, WA)

Read more from Ecommerce News.



設置機車停等區對號誌化交叉路口之影響評估 林明志

家戶特性與汽、機車持有數及使用量關係之研究-以台北市為例 陳鴻文

交通部運輸研究所新書通報(2003/02, 機車相關)


機車專用道車流特性與容量探討 交通部運輸研究所
機車專用道車流特性與容量探討 C.1 交通部運輸研究所
Sustainability and environmental concerns in transportation 2002 TRB
我國電動車產業發展契機 電動機車 經濟部技術處 經濟部技術處

關於人類承受 G Force 的爭論

看到一篇文章,文章裡的數據可以拿來參考,所以我就記下來了。擷選自 Aerospace America, 2000 March(ISSN 0740-722x)

The Fastest Man On Earth Is Laid to Rest

1954 年,John Paul Stapp 以四十四歲的高齡在美國新墨西哥州創下人類有史以來最快的加速度紀錄。John 被固定在軌道車上,其身後則是七具各有 4500 磅推力的噴射引擎。軌道全長 3500 英尺。這個載具在 5 秒內從靜止加速到時速 632 英哩,接著又在 1.4 秒內從最高速煞車到完全靜止。

人類能承受的 G Force 有多少,由此可算的出來。

座椅:Holloman Air Force Base
載具:Sonic Wind 1, 目前置放於 Alamogordo Space Center

Self-Assessment Test: Who are you, anyway?

What kind of motorcyclist are you? Take this easy test and find out! 1) When you ride by a cop, do you expect:
a, A return of your friendly wave
b, A day in traffic school
c, A high-speed chase

2) What type of motorcycle training have you had?
a, MSF and ERC; b, Superbike school; c, Bike dealer showed me how to shift

3) Proper riding attire is:
a, Aerostich suit; b, Torn red, white, and blue racing leathers; c, Oakley blades

4) Which do you spend the most money on?
a, Gas; b, Tires; c, Plastic

5) How did you pay for your bike:
a, Cash; b, Credit; c, Mom

6) Who is your favorite famous motorcyclist?
a, Malcom Forbes; b, Eddie Lawson; c, Mike Tyson

7) Do you pass other vehicles:
a, Only when legal; b, Only when safe; c, By forcing them off the road

8) What was the first modification to your bike?
a, Premium tires; b, A loud exhaust; c, A neon paint job

9) When you give someone their first ride on a motorcycle, they:
a, Compliment you on what an enjoyable time they had; b, Clutch your stomach with a death grip; c, Invariably fall off

10. After a close call, do you:
a, Evaluate what you can do to avoid this in the future; b, Promise yourself you’ll settle down; c, Brag to your friends

11. A helmet should be:
a, DOT or SNELL approved; b, Replaced after a crash; c, Bungied to the back of the bike

12. Riding in groups can be advantageous because:
a, It makes you more visible to other motorists; b, There is always help when someone crashes; c, There is always someone to race

13. Which is the worse accident you’ve had:
a, Tipped bike over on steep driveway; b, Low-speed fall in gravel-filled turn; c, Rear-ended police cruiser

14. Which calendar do you own:
a, Honda Street Rage; b, GP Racers; c, Bikes, Babes, and Bikinis

15. A pre-ride inspection consists primarily of:
a, Checking the operation of the controls and the condition of the brakes; b, Checking the tires and footpegs to see how far over you’re getting; c, Checking your hair in the mirror

16. When sitting at a stoplight you should:
A, Keep your hands on the controls and scan your mirrors
b) Try to anticipate the green light
c) Rev the engine to attract attention (狂拉轉速)

17. Is your speed governed by:

a) The posted speed limit.
b) The laws of physics.
c) Who’s around to show off to.

18. What motorcycling skill do you most value?

a) Counter steering
b) Hanging off
c) Burnouts (抓前煞放離合磨後胎)

Analysis of answers:
If you answered (a) to most questions, you are the consummate gentleman
biker. Regardless of the marque you ride, you are consistently kind to
children, animals, and other living creatures. You contribute generously
to charity, and attend the annual Policeman’s Ball without fail. You ride
to work in a three-piece suit, protected by your Aerostich riding gear.

If you answered (b) to most questions, you are an avid rider who truly
feels the need for speed. You are keenly concerned with trying to identify
new riding techniques that will put you at the front of the pack, and
enjoy practicing late braking, late apexing, and late nights with equal

If you answered (c) to most questions, you are more than likely the
quintessential squid. Uninsurable, and loved only by yourself and Mom,
not even a sledgehammer could knock sense into your thick skull.

Six Personas Gathers

Copyright 2003 The Times Mirror Company; Los Angeles Times

All Rights Reserved
Los Angeles Times

February 27, 2003 Thursday Home Edition

SECTION: Calendar Weekend; Part 5; Page 14; Calendar Desk

LENGTH: 625 words

Into the blog;
The digerati gather to discuss life as seen through their laptops.

BYLINE: Gendy Alimurung, Special to The Times

The “Live From the Blogosphere!” confab is equal parts literary salon, cyberpunk press conference and geek cocktail party. And before the party is over, strangers who’ve traded secrets but know each other only by code names will have met in the flesh for the first time, and a young hacker possibly will have become a millionaire.

Six of the biggest personas in blogging have converged on the Electronic Orphanage, a small black box of a gallery in Chinatown, to deconstruct the blog. (Blogs, or Web logs, are online journals with entries running in reverse chronological order, the last appearing first.) Onstage, gray-haired Doc Searls, senior editor of Linux Journal, is the tribe’s sage. Mark Frauenfelder, founder of bOingbOing and Wired Online, is the pro: He was in an Apple commercial. Tony Pierce — “not an IT genius, not a professional writer” — is the everyman. Susannah Breslin, who orchestrated the event (with moderator Xeni Jardin and electronic arts collective, is the lady holding the virtual whip. She runs the racy Reverse Cowgirl’s Blog. Evan Williams, the cute guy in the Blogger T-shirt, is the boy who built the blogging software. To the digerati, he’s “the Blogfather.” If Williams is the blogger every other blogger wants to be, then Heather Havrilesky, the author of the Rabbit Blog who is brainy and sexy in the manner of Agent Scully, is the blogger everyone wants to be with.

By a quarter to 8, a crowd of a hundred or so has gathered. Attendees scribble not their names but their blog addresses onto sticky badges — “Hello My Name Is …” They tote laptops, cell phones and Palm Pilots with miniature screens that glow blue in the darkened room. The super six answer questions: Are blogs a threat to conventional journalism? How has the blog phenomenon evolved? How are blogs changing our culture?

“Live From the Blogosphere!” is unprecedented: It is the first time the alpha bloggers onstage have been in the same place at the same time. Though in blogger parlance, “place” is a hazy concept. “If I’d known I was having guests,” Pierce quips as his blog scrolls up live onto the giant overhead screen, “I’d have spruced it up a bit.”

The blogosphere moves fast. Speed is its nature. People blog about the event at the event. Seconds after questions are posed, they go public online through a WiFi wireless connection.

A contradictory mix of anonymity and intimacy is also part of the blogosphere’s nature. You can, for example, know what Havrilesky’s fourth grade teacher told her about the Apocalypse but never know what makes her laugh. You can, as one blogger confides, be a vixen in the blogosphere but a wallflower in person. In the spirit of intimacy, Searls confesses why the line to the bathroom was so long — he was in there blogging.

The panelists also discuss physical interaction. “This guy came up to me and said, ‘Hi, I’m Boogah,’ ” says Frauenfelder, gesturing toward a large fellow dressed in black. “I recognized him from my blog, but he didn’t tell me his real name.” Says Pierce: “Mark was nerdier than I expected, while Evan was cooler. And Doc, I was surprised at how down to earth he was.”

As the discussion draws to a close, Williams suddenly gets hot news. In lieu of an explanation, he shakily brings up his blog on the giant screen: “Google Buys Pyra: Blogging Goes Big-Time,” it reads. Pyra Labs is the company Williams founded. It makes the Blogger software. Google, of course, is Big Money. “Everyone imaginable will be doing it this year,” he’d replied earlier to the question of what this technology will mean to the mainstream. Tonight, a community. Tomorrow, an empire. But for now, boot up and read about it on a blog.

GRAPHIC: PHOTO: CONNECTIONS: Attendees at “Live From the Blogosphere!” blogged away on their laptops even as they talked about the young art and science of blogging. Blogs, or Web logs, are online journals. PHOTOGRAPHER: Mark Frauenfelder

228, Taiwan Peace Day

The date “February 28” is etched into the hearts and minds of the Taiwanese people like the word “Holocaust” in the history of the Jewish people. On that day, 50 years ago in 1947, an incident took place in Taipei, which led to the massive slaughter of thousands of Taiwanese at the hands of Chiang Kai-shek’s Chinese troops… from

Remembering 228: Facing a violent
The 228 Massacre, as documented in the US Media
Inscription on the 228 Massacre Monument
2-28 Massacre, We Must Bear Witness
Formosa Betrayed(pdf) – by George H. Kerr
Film festival marks tragic 228
A reflection upon the 228 Incidentby Ma Ying-jeou
228 victims’ families urge
March 29, 1947 – New York Times

Semantic Web Illustrated

The Semantic Web Illustrated, SemaView – first of a series of “At-A-Glance” illustrations introducing the semantic web technologies.

The Lord Of the Webs (Washington Post) – Tim Berners-Lee explains the Semantic Web at the US National Science Foundation 2003-01-30

地雷 Blog?

什麼樣的議題在 blog 上討論,會讓人有如踩地雷的感覺?政治嗎?還是信仰?或是 Microsoft 大戰 Linux? 在中文 Blog 界談論這些有如地雷般的議題,是不是會『污染』這塊新興的網路淨土?還是促起集(個)體無(有)意識的筆戰對抗?

期盼有一天能看到中文界有類似 之 blog, 或是 euronews 的媒體。


目前在南縣某綜合高中任教朋友(bbs id:persephone)轉寄來,與各位一同分享的黃金風鈴木照片。據了解,目前在台灣只有澄清湖和台南市有這種樹。原圖大小為 2048×1536, 我處理成 600×450. 此外,聯合報在『2003-02-25/聯合報/17版/南市焦點』也有專文報導。 DSCN0003.jpg DSCN0004.jpg DSCN0005.jpg DSCN0006.jpg

Prize Structures in Motorcycle Racing

TITLE: Road Warrior Booty: Prize Structures in Motorcycle Racing
AUTHOR(S): Maloney,-Michael-T; Terkun,-Kristina
SOURCE : Contributions-to-Economic-Analysis-and-Policy. 2002; 1(1): na
ISSN: 1538-0645
DOCUMENT TYPE: Journal-Article

剛才在查資料庫(Webspirs)時,誤打誤撞,發現這篇有趣的論文。內容談到摩托競賽中獎勵制度的結構問題。 ABSTRACT: This research reports the results of an analysis of prize structures among competing firms paying tournament wages. In motorcycle racing, sponsors compete in an auction for riders using tournament prizes as bids. Since racers can only ride one bike and wear one helmet, they are forced to choose among sponsors of similar products. We find that in the face of competition, sponsors are forced to lower the incentive intensity of their prize differentials as rival sponsors post larger purses. Our test offers new corroboration of the Lazear-Rosen tournament model. Other researchers have found that workers respond to bigger prize differentials by working harder. We find that firms recognize this and also recognize that in the competitive labor-market equilibrium this extra work must be compensated by offering higher expected wages through bigger purses. Our results complete the theoretical circle: workers respond to the incentive effects of tournament wages and firms anticipate this behavior when making tournament wage offers.

Blog 內容與 ISSN 申請

早期幾個動快的人,都有機會為自己的 blog 申請到 ISSN, 如 後來有人嘗試再申請,就被打回票了。

ISSN 在台灣沒有 office 嗎




身體壓力呈現的原因,分為很多種。有的來自心理面(psychosomatic)或是源自於工作、有些是在特定情境(contectual environment)下反應所致,有些則是純粹生理機構(body mechanism)上物理量(physical force)的作用(如脊椎傷)。 這四者互相揉合後在人體上所呈現的可見結果,每個人都不同。 身體壓力的呈現,有許多值得我們注意的地方。以靜態『點』的層面來說,如雙側肩膀習慣性上提、頸後肌肉緊繃、閱報時皺眉、足脛收縮…等等。通常這些靜態的點我們不容易自己發現,大多是身旁諸人提起後,才會感覺到。這是屬於被動式的警覺。

動態『點』的層面,可以分成兩個途徑來觀察,一個是全觀式(holistic),另外一個切割分析(segmental analysis)。舉個例,同樣是看一個人下班後的走路步態,我們可以依照這個人走路時『整體的感覺』來判斷壓力的呈現樣式;或是紀錄步頻步幅,關節作動角度…等等,再來分析。

主動式的方法可藉由一些簡單的動作,乃至於完整的體系(如某些 yoga 或是 massage)來改善身體壓力呈現『點』的過度集中,或是『量』的過度累積。主動式的改善壓力呈現,也可大致分為兩種不同的途徑。一個是直接對壓力作功,另一個是嘗試自己不熟悉的運動。有花錢的方法,也有不花錢的方法。這和學很多東西一樣,可自修,也可去上課。目前健身俱樂部在都會頗流行,游泳加上複式的運動設施經營型態,在很多郊區也看的到。





BMW of North America, LLC 在日前捐給美國五角大廈六輛特製的 R 1100 RT-P 摩托車,準備成立有史以來第一支摩托車縱隊。此舉是 BMW 為了因應 911 事件後,美國各地區對於機動性巡防武力需求激增,所做的長期捐贈計劃之一。自 911 後, BMW 已捐了為數不少車款給受創嚴重的社區與紅十字會,並且在 MIT(麻省理工學院)設立獎學金,以嘉惠學生。

BMW 為目前世界上最大的警方用車輸出廠,估計約有 80000 輛不同車款在全世界一百五十個國家服役。

反觀國內的總代理泛德在前日對於開放機車長度上限(2.5米)議題上所有的動作,以公眾的角度觀之(非廠商),格局就顯的略小。註:請參考 Motorways 論壇相關討論

資料來源:PR Newswire



1) 報名今年度大運會乙組田徑,參加項目為 100/200m
2) 開始使用 wiki. 目前裝好三個 clones, 正在加緊熟悉中,分別是 UseMod, WakkaWiki 還有 Chiqchaq Wiki, and Tavi‘s on the way. 主要是拿來當 knowledge base 使用,和 blogging 互輔互成. I will make very heavy use of wiki in the days to come
3) 與筆電奮鬥. 自己的 Hp Omniook 6100 電池完全無法續電,鍵盤也開始不聽話
4) 進行本學期的 LexisNexis Academic 資料庫教育訓練工作

疑問:Why Wiki is so unpopular in Taiwan?
疑問二:轉來轉去還是應該用 snipsnap?

建議續讀文章:Wiki/Wakka/Blog – 一点浅见 and Wiki of Trust

Califonia Superbike School 今年課程

California Superbike School 今年將會在十二的國家巡迴開課,分別是 US, England, and Australia, Ireland, France, Spain, Germany, Greece, Norway, Sweden, Malaysia, 還有 Philippines. 其中在美國加州、英格蘭和澳洲三地為永久駐在所,開有分校。學校發起人 Keith Code 為三本車界著名書籍之撰寫者:

資料來源:PR Newswire

Cannodale 退出二輪市場

Cannondale, 一家令人敬重的自行車廠商,其公關部門在本月24日表示他們將停止生產 cross, atv 車種(motorcycle), 並且已經向法院申請二輪事業部的破產保護。


行動教室, 部落格, K12, 偏遠地區


1) 首先是 Apple 之前推出的 Curriculum Mobile Lab
2) 第二個是 blogging, which we are all quite familiar with
3) Blog 在 K12 國語文教育的運用
4) Digital Village(from MIT’s Media Lab Asia) 在台灣偏遠山區的實作

An interplay between four ideas. Feasibility?

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