A friendly email from Corbett Wall(高培華)

Corbett Wall(高培華), who is probably the first foreign local “pop star" in Taiwan and has released at least nine albums in the past decade, sent me a nice email yesterday. Thanks for the encouragement.

A friendly email from Corbett Wall(高培華) 有 “ 3 則迴響 ”

  1. Hey thanks! I was wondering why I got all those hits from your page…

    BTW, because I can’t type in Chinese, do you think there is anyone out there interested in helping me as a blog translator?? I cna only do it in English.. I’d set up an account for them, and they could just translate directly in the MT edit window. Since blogging is all about sharing, I’m willing to swap blogging server space, 512k Linux hosting upload, who knows….

  2. Corbett, I had my email sent to you. Talk to later.

  3. Corbett, I had my email sent to you. Talk later.



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