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February 2011


我在 APNG Campkeynote 資料,時間是香港時間2月22日10:00。我放一份過來。也會在台北的這場活動先分享部份心得。

The “Guanxi” of dot Gov: A preliminary survey on public data and government websites across APAC

Speaker: TH Schee, Fertta Communications, Taipei, Taiwan

Abstract: Much discussion has been centered around the digitization, release models, security and privacy of public data after Whitehouse’s Open Government Initiatives launched in 2009. Different approaches were adapted, whether be it top-down endeavor by governments, grass-root effort from NGOs or clandestine operation of online groups, the cornucopia of public data will be the web, or the website in a more tangible form. Demanding of public data in APAC region for effective communication and operation based on sound data source, both in private and public sectors, has never been more emphasized in this radical changing environment. By identifying formidable “Guanxi” of government websites and published data, we will first witness interesting homogeneity and heterogeneity of underlining relationships in policy, data, content, mechanism, and leaked intention of stakeholders. In a region that the man often binds data into official websites, the presentation could be a handy compendium to all future Gov 2.0 projects.





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