Argument, Blogging, Elitism, Smart Mobs, Media Talk, or What? Part One.

Argument, blogging, blogshere, elitism, smart mobs, media talk, or what? 先引一篇文章。 Agonism in the Academy: Surviving Higher Learning’s Argument Culture, By DEBORAH TANNEN

A reading group that I belong to, composed of professors, recently discussed a memoir by an academic. I came to the group’s meeting full of anticipation, eager to examine the insights I’d gained from the book and to be enlightened by those that had intrigued my fellow group members. As the meeting began, one member announced that she hadn’t read the book; four, including me, said they’d read and enjoyed it; and one said she hadn’t liked it because she does not like academic memoirs. She energetically criticized the book. “It’s written in two voices,” she said, “and the voices don’t interrogate each other.”

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