Active Bike 和社會形象〈一〉

上個月底收到 Orkut 的邀請函之後,我也加入這個共榮圈。當然,第一件事就是找有無志同道合,並且已經建立成型的小社群。我順勢打入關鍵字「motorcycle」後,看到了一個名為「Active Motorcycling」的團體。

Active Motorcycling?這讓我想起一直非常遺憾,沒有親身參與的一個社群。在1996年底時,幾位對於摩托車和其所衍蘊出的影視文化、社群政治、團體角力、運動本質、道路安全、媒體形象、社會輿論反應…等等有紮實興趣的車友們,共同建立了一個網路雜誌《》。ActiveBike 是一個網路車界的里程,不只是因為嚴謹的思考和互動被奉為是刊文的評鑑基礎,更重要的是,整個社群蔓延著一鼓相當強烈,有別於當時普遍過度崇拜機械思維之氣氛。 我去信問了 Orkut 裡 Active Motorcycling 小社群的建立者,他回答說:

Activebike was a great online publication; they definitely emphasized riding within a context, and covered some important topics such as safety, community and purpose.

Riding for riding’s sake is great, but sometimes it’s necessary to consider the reason behind the action. When you’re throwing a leg over the machine, having an idea about the significance of your action is essential to fully appreciating the ride.

I didn’t intend for this to be a political forum, but I’m sure some politics will be discussed. I’m more interested just to see how many people ‘get’ the notion of ‘active motorcycling.’ I’m pretty happy with the results so far.

網外盪弦,知音響起,跨越時間和地理的鴻溝。我還記得 ActiveBike 的 banner 是鮮橘色的「A Compendium for the Thinking Rider」大字。希望有一天可以在台灣看到類似性質的大車社群或是網誌的茁壯。

補充 已於 2001 年中關站

1 thought on “Active Bike 和社會形象〈一〉

  1. 好棒喔=,=


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