Taiwan’s President Shot


TVBS總統車隊台南掃街 傳出意外
BBCTaiwan’s President Chen wounded
CNNTaiwan’s President Chen shot
Der SpiegelAttentat auf Taiwans Präsidenten
Yahoo.co.jp陳総統が襲撃され負傷 銃撃、爆竹と報道錯綜
Washington PostTaiwanese President, Vice President Shot
ReutersTaiwan President Shot, Not in Critical Condition
Le MondeLe président blessé par balle à la veille des élections
Hot.eeTaiwani presidendile tehti atentaat
The AustralianTaiwan president and v-p shot
ReutersGLOBAL MARKETS-Taiwan dollar hit after president shot
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Image(113).jpg Image(170).jpg Image(171).jpg
Image(172).jpg Image(173).jpg Image(174).jpg

3 thoughts on “Taiwan’s President Shot”

  1. how can this be staged? there is no way! it is amazing what kind of BS people can think up…
    infurating. especially since my family and i went home to taiwan just to vote for ah bien. now they want to render our votes invalid. what kind of democracy is that?

  2. 很傷心,很難過;完全無法跟週邊的外國朋友解釋為什麼在台灣會發生這種事情,, 更難解釋的是,為什麼在發生這樣的一個事件以後台灣人還會有正反兩極化的立場反映呢??


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