Digital Backchannels

Corante上的Many2Many看來的,「Digital Backchannels」是今年度CSCW(Computer Supported Cooperative Work)會議上的主要議題之一…

Digital Backchannels in Shared Physical Spaces:
Attention, Intention and Contention


Groupware, communityware, computer-mediated communication, chat, instant messaging, informal communication, multitasking, presence, awareness, social issues, shared spaces

不少國內使用WLAN掛在IRC頻道參加各種聚會的朋友們,應該對這種digital backchannels的現象一點也不陌生。如何將使用backchannels的習慣,進一步發展為比較正式(檯面上)所允許,甚至是刻意營造為後門的溝通管道與空間,是這篇paper的討論重點。當然,backchannels也會引起一些之前不容易發生的溝通困境。


* Digital note-passing gains respect among adults(via USA TODAY)

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