CNET Japan Innovation Conference 2006 Autumn – Google

六天來在日本參加的第四場「會議」就以這一場規模最為盛大。來了日本網路界和IT人士超過三百五十人。以下是我在現場的快速筆記,先上場的是 Google:


* CNET Japan Innovation Conference 2006 Autumn


* 9月26日(火)12時30分開場、13時00分開演


* ラフォーレミュージアム六本木(東京・港区)

Michael Jones
Chief Technologist, Google Earth Maps Local

* computer sience fiction
* we don’t automatically avoid fiction
* pixel as part of the fiction
* information along doesn’t have meaning
* geographically organize the world’s information to avoid fiction
* a web of places
* recognize a problem when you got a new tool
* problems are wating to be solved
* 30,000 developers at the first 12 months
* 129,299 blog posts in first 12 months
* CH2M Hill
* 100,000,000 installs in first 12 months
* information is only useful when it can be understood
* progess mean simplifing, not complicating
* arsenic poisoning
* mexico earthquake
* fourth dimension is time


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