WhereCamp Taipei

活動名稱:WhereCamp Taipei

本次聚會接續三月底目前正在美國進行的 “Where 2.0 Conference”,這是一個國內比較陌生的會議,其重要性等同於自 2005 年開辦的 “Web 2.0 Conference”。我們請到了Dongpo、Jason、還有 Schee,東坡將針對地理資訊與新的LBS服務破題,說明地理資訊的重要性。Jason 將開發營運商的角度,分享台灣 App Market 最暢銷的導航 AR(擴增實境)的開發經驗。而 Schee 則會從網路和硬體製造廠的角度,說明 Foursquare 的設計奧秘以及近期與 Vodafone 的商務合作。本次聚會以 “Where” 和網路服務為主題,在國內極為罕見,歡迎各位不吝到現場交流。

  • 主題:Hello World!
  • 活動時間:2010年4月10日 14:00~16:00
  • 報名網址:http://registrano.com/events/wherecamptaipei
  • 活動地點:新文明書局場地照片
  • 地址:台北市中山區中山北路三段30號1樓(近大同公司,位於中山北路農安街口及德惠街口中間路段,電話02-2595-5558,現場有兒童遊戲區)
  • 活動費用:現場免費提供簡易茶水。個人消費請自行負擔。
  • 主辦單位:hopendata.org
  • 活動訊息將不定期更新。


  1. New Map and LBS — Dongpo Deng
  2. 台灣最賣座的導航類 iPhone AP:「台灣美食地圖AR」 開發心路歷程及心得分享 — Jason Hung (Treascovery)
  3. Foursquare 的服務設計 — Schee (4sq link)


  • Dongpo Deng – Dongpo Deng is a PhD candidate of Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation(ITC), University of Twente, as well as a research assistant for Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica. His research topic mainly focuses on semantically integration of user-generated data and public domain geospatial data via geospatial ontology. Over past five years, he also dedicated on open geospatial technologies of OGC such as GML (Geography Markup Language), WMS (Web Map Service), WFS (Web Feature Service). Moreover, he also concentrates to development of Open Source GIS. He and some friends of his collaboratively founded a Taiwan chapter of OSGeo in 2007. More information is in personal website.
  • Jason Hung – Treascovery.com,Over 15 years working experience at vendor and user site. Recently, Jason Hung founding a mobile software company which focus on LBS social network applications. Jason has proven track record on managing sales, consulting, service and application development. He got both international sales and presale management award during he was served at PepleSoft/JDE. He has strong experience at solution selling and executive presentation. His last job role is Senior AVP in charge to Software Development Center at Systex Group.
  • TH Schee – 徐子涵,曾任職於蕃薯藤(網路業)、中研院資訊所(學界)、神達電腦(製造業)及三立電視(電子媒體)的產品部門。對於地理空間的資訊服務設計,有來自不同完全產業的實戰經驗。

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