• Department of Agriculture – Web-based Supply Chain Management (WBSCM) 2250萬美金
  • United States Geological Survey – Enterprise Web (EWeb) manages and supports USGS (over 700 websites) and DOI (www.recovery.gov) 250萬美金
  • Department of Interior – Automates internal processes of managing content and webpages for all NPS units by employing a content management system across the service for use by park website managers. 370萬美金
  • Department of Education – ED.gov is the Department’s primary Internet portal and website. 430萬美金
  • Department of Health and Human Services – Grants.gov‘s mission is to provide a single website for the public to electronically find and apply for federal discretionary grants. 530萬美金
  • Department of Labor – Disability.gov (formerly DisabilityInfo.gov) is a “one stop" Web portal created to reduce barriers for individuals with disabilities by disseminating critical information while at the same time saving taxpayers’ dollars. 220萬美金

更詳細的資訊,都可以按圖索驥找到。不過別搞錯,我不是來擁護 www.president.gov.tw

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