最近在歐洲連續開了八天的會,今天是第七天。在今早四場的 unconference @ WhereCampEU,跟 Nokia Experience Lab 柏林的人聊了過去的經驗。感覺在餐廳劇場裡做 demo,體驗還蠻不錯的。一些快速的記錄,留給對於 location 有興趣的朋友繼續追蹤。

強者 http://app.timemaps.nl/map

“@puntofisso: Y! researching region extraction from tagged data. Flickr tags and birds #maps showed. Curious about other datasets. @raemond #wherecampeu”

“@erikvanderzee: At 12:30 I will talk about sensorweb and Internet of Things #sensors #actuators #eventstreamprocessing #wherecampeu”

“@JWvanEck: Learning about Roman Maps at #wherecampeuhttp://t.co/giDzWyAF (@ Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond) [pic]:http://t.co/HquFFPJG

“@ekes: Yey code I’m at home #wherecampeu #nokia ‘From data to meaning…’”



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