First glimpse:

Here’s one particular interesting case as it gets so much attention over the last few days in TW. The government kind backed off from over-promise:

You can order your mask online!

Detail on (to be launched as promised by the Cabinet):

  1. Starting from March 12 you can “pre-order” your masks.
  2. The mask rationing scheme is real-name based so you have to go through one of the service flows:
    • National Healthcare Insurance Card on a pc/laptop, or
    • Natural Person IC Card on a pc/laptop, or
    • an App on your mobile devices (tablet not supported)
  3. You’ll be notified if you’ve secured your masks on March 19.
  4. Starting from March 26, you can pick up masks at your designated convenient stores.

For the specific eMask site:

  • Web Service: TradeVan (SI)
  • Payment: Bank of Taiwan, FISC
  • App: Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • SMS: Chunghwa Telecom
  • Logistics: Post Office
  • Customer service: unknown… maybe 1922 hotline service staff?
  • Pickup locations: 7-11, Family Mart, OK Mart, Hi-Life

All companies owned by the government except the last mile. In short:

  • It’s an experiment
  • You have to go thru lucky draw process if pre-orders exceed supply
  • Pre-order on March 12, and the soonest date you get 3 masks is March 26
  • Assuming everything works fine

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